Our team

Donald Walker

Donald Walker, Ghost Gear Retrieval & Sustainable Development Consultant

5th generational lobster fisherman in the Chaleur Bay, Quebec, Canada, Donald strongly believes in responsible fishing and long-term sustainability of the lobster stock. 

Mr. Walker is a professional fisherman and owner-operator since 1982. He cofounded then presided the Regroupement of Professional Fishermen of the Southern Gaspé (RPPSG) for 28 years. 

He was a member of the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (FRCC) for 7 years and vice president for the last 2 years. Donald was also a founding member of the Lobster Council of Canada (LCC). 

Most recently, Mr. Walker created a 5-year Gaspé Lobster commercialization project for European and Asian seafood markets.

Donald also participates in numerous experimental projects on fisheries and does consultation work for various entities. 

Project Littora is honoured to have such an experienced and well-respected fisherman working on ghost gear prevention and removal strategies on its team!

Julie-Sophie Tremblay, Managing Director & Founder

Passionate environmentalist and scuba diver determined to protect our oceans by removing harmful ghost gear and empowering the next generations to become Ocean Ambassadors!

From a diverse background in political science, marketing communication, event coordinator, languages and photography. 

In 2008, Ms. Tremblay became an eco-responsible whale watching captain and naturalist guide, which opened her eyes to a new world.  

In 2012, Julie-Sophie moved to the Gaspésie to develop the Gaspé Lobster commercialization strategy for the Chinese seafood market. She later moved to a fishing village where she harvested lobster on an artisanal boat for a few seasons and noticed some of the impacts of ghost fishing.

Her participation in life-changing scientific missions on plastic pollution in our oceans as well as her volunteer work with sea creature protection organizations around the world helped her discover her personal mission. 

In 2016, Julie-Sophie founded Project Littora to share her knowledge and inspire hundreds of people globally to safeguard our oceans.