What we do

Ghost Fishing Gear Retrieval

Even though the lobster industry of the Gaspé Peninsula is one of the most sustainable fisheries in Eastern Canada, according to Ocean Wise, it is nonetheless guilty of contributing to ghost fishing. To better understand the devastating effects of unattended fishing gear in our oceans, please refer to the ''Our Challenge'' section of our website. 

Project Littora takes pride in engaging community members to work together towards the common goal of safeguarding our oceans. Once the 68-day lobster harvesting season has ended, fishers, local divers and volunteers go out on fishing boats to find lost pots. The cold shallow waters, strong currents and low visibility add to the challenge, but when teams release imprisoned lobsters from abandoned traps, it is quite rewarding to observe them swim away! If special permits are obtained, abandoned pots are then brought back to shore. Recycling options are currently being explored. Nets and garbage are hauled back aboard the boat, while crustaceans and fish rejoice!

Ocean Ambassadors Program

The secret behind our Ocean Ambassador Program (OAP) is the art of putting a positive twist on a truly sad reality: the dire state of our oceans! We are convinced that by raising youth awareness about plastic debris and instilling a sense of duty to protect our precious oceans; they will feel empowered to take hold of their future! 

Project Littora organizes original & colourful beach cleanups and fun environmental workshops tailored to the specific needs of a group, while encouraging intergenerational connections. 

We work locally most of the year and during the winter, we reach beyond our borders to learn about ocean-related challenges and solutions in various regions of the world; helping out as best we can and importing this newly acquired knowledge back to the Gaspésie.

International Awareness Campaigns

Project Littora understands that interaction is key to raising awareness on ghost fishing debris and plastic pollution in our oceans. Therefore, we launched two interactive awareness campaigns on Facebook. 

Translated into four languages, TAG TALE requests from coastal residents in both Europe and the Caribbean to send in photos of themselves and of the Canadian lobster trap tags that they have collected along their shores. 

SEA TRASH BECOME TREASURE is a bilingual campaign which invites artists to share with us their creative art, made solely from marine debris. 

Visit our Facebook page under the photo albums “Tag Tale” and “Sea Trash Become Treasure” to discover why an image is worth a 1000 marine debris words!